January is a month of fresh starts, evaluations, resolutions, and new plans.  No matter how often we may say, or even sincerely think, that we are not going to get caught up in the new leaf hype, most of us do it anyway. Maybe you started a new exercise routine, journaling, prayer discipline, or a... Continue Reading →

But, I’m a big kid.

If I had a dollar for every time my four year old told me she was "a big girl" and "not a baby," I would probably be rich in a week. She is constantly reminding me that she can handle tasks on her own and that she doesn't need my help. Yet, again and again,... Continue Reading →

3-1 It’s your fault.

I suppose that parenting and teaching clichés will never go away, even the ones that we all promised ourselves we would never use.  I can remember telling myself that I would never say "because I said so," but try as I might, my four year old still manages to get that one out of me... Continue Reading →

Talking to Both of Him

Some of the purest education, and entertainment, in my life is watching my daughters interact with their friends.  Their imagination in play and conversation has more than once left me laughing.  Their straightforward, often "too" literal, thinking, has taught me my fair share of lessons as well. Their descriptions of people and events are often... Continue Reading →

Who do You think You are talking to?

Growing up with two older sisters had its share of challenges.  However, one way it always benefited me was with meeting new teachers.  Both of my sisters were well behaved and pretty mild-mannered in school.  Since I was a few years younger than both of them, I often ended up with teachers that could still... Continue Reading →

Promises, Promises

There are few things that feel better than making a plan or commitment, knowing it will be difficult, and then following through and seeing the task completed.  On the contrary, few things are more personally disappointing, and publicly embarrassing then not being able to follow through on a promise. Credibility is the foundation for trust... Continue Reading →


It has been said the greatest of performers have one thing in common.  Consistency.  That's right.  Being great is not about always being the best.  It is not about being head and shoulders above all your competitions.  It is simply about consistently being better than average. That said, what does your 2019 look like thus... Continue Reading →

That Sinking Feeling

The car needs gas. The kids need baths. Your boss called, that's weird you didn't even hear your phone ring. The stack of bills on the counter got knocked off and now they are all out of order. The doctor's office called.  Your appointment was yesterday.  They rescheduled for six weeks from now, and charged... Continue Reading →

Everything equals nothing

I secretly love my phone's camera.  I say secretly because I could never admit to Heather, my wife, that I like anything about this phone.  I have always staunchly been on the other side of the Android vs. Apple debate and have teased her for years for not agreeing with me.  However, in my last... Continue Reading →

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