Three “Ok” lies ministers tell

Preachers are liars.  There, I said it.  Every preacher I have ever met was a liar.  Furthermore, if you are a minister reading this, you are probably a liar too.  And here is the thing, we all lie about the same things.  Pastors and ministry leaders are notorious for telling these three “Ok” lies. 1. ... Continue Reading →

Now, it concerns us.

Growing up in an area that was steeped in Civil War history, I suppose my love for tales of that era is not all that unique.  I know I am not alone in saying I thoroughly enjoy reading not only the history and first-hand accounts, but also historical fiction that is based in that time... Continue Reading →

I’ll Get you for this…

I suppose that being the father of two young girls means that I am in for my share of princess movies.  Yet, in an effort to stand up for my masculinity, I have managed to work a compromise with my little ones.  Yes, we will do the occasional princess movie, but we are also going... Continue Reading →

This means YOU

"God must have something for you to do" How many times have we heard that said after a near tragedy? A nurse, EMT, or maybe a family member will look at some person who nearly died in an accident or survived a particularly bad heart attack and tell them that God must have spared them... Continue Reading →

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