Check the Dead

Today marks the birth, and presumed death of Harry Ironside.  At the time of his birth, Ironside was laid aside as dead.  His mother, having struggled during the birth was thought to be dying and drew the attention of all in the room as they sought to save her from the death her baby had already experienced.

Yet, the “dead” baby, mustered enough strength to give out a feeble cry.  Thus baby Harry was saved.  No one in the room could have realized the impact of that little life who went on to declare the gospel to nearly a million people.  

The powerful, and now revered, voice was almost abandoned as stillborn.

Are there things in your life that you have given up on?  Things that you thought were dead?  

What dreams, aspirations, and callings have you abandoned because of the pressing nature of some other crisis in your life?

Perhaps it is time to revisit.  You may be surprised to find life in the “dead.”

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