You have stumbled upon a collection of the thoughts that go through the mind of one very blessed man.  Pastor Conley is the thankful husband of Heather, the proud father of Reagan and McKinley, and the fortunate pastor of Garden Sanctuary Church of God.  While everything may not read with the same feelings of inspiration as it is written, hopefully you will be blessed, stirred, or both by what you read here.

God bless,

Pastor Patrick Conley















Garden Sanctuary Church of God Rock Hill is a multi-generational Pentecostal/Charismatic church located in Rock Hill, SC.  Garden Sanctuary’s purpose and intention is to be a place for you to GROW. Garden Sanctuary desires to see you grow in your relationship with God, to grow in your relationship with others, and to grow in every area of your life as a disciple of Christ.  At Garden Sanctuary Rock Hill, we believe every individual is important regardless of age or race, and we strive to be a place where everyone is accepted and belongs.  Garden Sanctuary is a church focused on salvation, discipleship, community, and prayer.  Garden Sanctuary Church of God exists to prepare people to connect, grow, and serve – God – Church – Community.  The Garden Sanctuary Church of God is a community of believers in the city of Rock Hill that has been established for over 100 years. Rich in tradition and heritage, we have consistently been a safe-haven in our community and city. In 1915 our church began with a few tent poles and several spirit-filled believers who desired more of God in their lives. With those humble beginnings, God began doing a special and unique work in Rock Hill. The Holy Spirit changed lives, relationships were made, and Garden Sanctuary Church of God was born. While many things have come and gone in Rock Hill over the last 100 years, Garden Sanctuary Church of God has become a fixture in the community. We have become a church strong in number, impact, and faith. We have moved beyond those tent poles to modern facilities, but our heartfelt desire for more of God remains unchanged.  If you are looking for a church family in Rock Hill, SC, whether you have a Pentecostal background or not, we would love to have you join us at Garden Sanctuary Church of God.  Garden Sanctuary Church of God is located at 831 Cedar St in Rock Hill SC.

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  1. I do not use the Enneagram but I am wondering who the guest speaker was that you interviewed. She is an expert of the New Age and the Occult? What makes her an expert? I am not trying to start anything, just curious of what makes her an expert. In my field, an expert is someone who has conducted research and use empirical evidence to make their point. Again, I do not use the Enneagram, I do not like it and at the same time…many call themselves experts. So, what makes an expert?


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