MTAC Podcast #049 “Fuz” Rana

NEW EPISODE ALERT! Renowned biochemist Fazale Rana is back to talk about his recent missions trip and how worldview is what causes societal issues including human trafficking and child exploration. Listen wherever you get your podcasts or find a list of links and an online player at Don’t miss any of the latest content from... Continue Reading →

The Right Christian Response to National Tragedy

Children get on a school bus as law enforcement personnel guarded the scene of a shooting Tuesday near Robb Elementary School in Uvalde. Credit: REUTERS/Marco Bello Once again, the news is filled with the tragic images of families gathered to learn whether or not their child was among the dead. A gunman, after crashing his car nearby,... Continue Reading →

MTAC Podcast #040 Dr. Fred Garmon

From tragedy to triumph, from the back alleys to the boardroom, from a street gang to the the highest echelons of church leadership, Fred Garmon's story has all the emotion, excitement, and inspiration of a Hollywood classic... But this time the story is real. Dr. Fred Garmon, the president and founder of LeaderLabs, holds a... Continue Reading →

Lions, tigers, and bears… oh my

Dorothy has escaped the "gray" world of life. She had lived with her aunt and uncle on their "gray" farm where the sun beat down on "the great gray prairie", baking the ground, dulling the house, and transforming Aunt Em, the once "young, pretty wife" into someone who was gaunt and unsmiling, and in fact wondered how Dorothy could ever find "anything to laugh at." Aunt Em was not alone, Uncle Henry was just as gray, solemn, and unlaughing. Tornado or not, Dorothy, was

MTAC Podcast #039 J. Warner Wallace

NEW EPISODE ALERT! Historical Jesus, "no body" murders, the Gabby Petito case, and much more... What does Dateline's most featured cold case detective have to say them? J. Warner Wallace returns to the podcast to discuss his latest book, "Person of Interest." Jim Wallace is a Dateline featured cold-case homicide detective, popular national speaker and... Continue Reading →

SCOTUS Prayer Request: Carson v. Makin

Another huge Oral Argument happens today. CARSON v. MAKIN is a case out of Maine that will determine whether or not a State can prohibit a family from choosing a religious school for their children as part of a school choice program. If a state offers school choice (which all states should), then religious schools... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Greetings

Our prayer is that this holiday season finds you blessed in all things. For some this will be a difficult season as you are reminded of those that are now missing from the festivities. For others, the next few days will be full of joyous reuniting with friends and family. For most, the holiday season... Continue Reading →

MTAC Podcast #036, Marcia Montenegro

NEW EPISODE ALERT! Christians and the Enneagram, including it's origin... How an ex astrologer came to Christ...Recognizing the New Age in the church...Demons, meditation, and so much more...Pastor Patrick is joined by Marcia Montenegro, and it is explosive!!! Don't miss this episode! Listen wherever you get your podcasts or find a list of links and... Continue Reading →

Trigger Warning, This is Yours.

Clay was fine with not drinking, except when he went to the race with his buddies. Since he was a child, he had watched his dad stand right there, about halfway down the 1/4 mile track, and drink beer while watching the his favorite cars, the late models, rip down the asphalt track at insane... Continue Reading →

Write it out

Photo by Pixabay We often do not have, or at least take, the time to focus on the traumas, hurts, and emotional encounters in our lives. While some may regularly visit with a therapist or speak with a pastoral advisor, many simply go on, pushed by the pace of the job (or jobs), without ever... Continue Reading →

MTAC Podcast #035, Dr. Fazale Rana

NEW EPISODE ALERT! Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism, Neural Link, Gene editing, and Elon Musk's vision for the future are just a few of things we will discuss with Dr. Fazale Rana, the vice president of research and apologetics at Reasons to Believe. He is the author of several groundbreaking books, including Who Was Adam, Creating Life... Continue Reading →

But you are the protagonist

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Recently, I wrote what I believe will be a liberating article, You are not the Hero, in which I pointed out that we unduly burden ourselves when we carry the unrealistic expectation of being the "hero" of our story. We struggle to do things that are beyond our abilities, because we believe... Continue Reading →

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