Concerns about the “Respect for Marriage” Act

As expected, the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act” has been signed into law by President Biden. In light of this new development, I am sharing my concerns with the law and what it means for the Church.

This law is as dangerous to the religious freedom of Americans as any law in recent history. Millions of Americans will find themselves on the wrong side of the law, and subject to punitive actions, for simply believing what God’s Word has declared, and the Church has taught for centuries, regarding marriage.

Make no mistake, the marriages this law claims to protect have already been deemed legal. This is a blatant attempt at forcing an ideology upon the portion of the population that disagrees.

Furthermore, conflating marriage between people of varying ethnicity with LGBT marriage is an affront to thousands of interracial families who are walking out life according to God’s definition of marriage, one biological man married to one biological woman. Many of these couples completely disagree with the idea that any marriage outside of God’s law is legitimate. Yet, due to their ethnicity, they are being objectified and used as cover for the promotion of an ideology they reject.

This law needlessly endangers religious freedom and wantonly insults interracial marriage partners.

Every believer should check to see how their senators and representatives voted on this law and react accordingly in both voicing their opinion and voting their conscience at the next opportunity.

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