It has been said the greatest of performers have one thing in common.  Consistency.  That's right.  Being great is not about always being the best.  It is not about being head and shoulders above all your competitions.  It is simply about consistently being better than average. That said, what does your 2019 look like thus... Continue Reading →

That Sinking Feeling

The car needs gas. The kids need baths. Your boss called, that's weird you didn't even hear your phone ring. The stack of bills on the counter got knocked off and now they are all out of order. The doctor's office called.  Your appointment was yesterday.  They rescheduled for six weeks from now, and charged... Continue Reading →

Everything equals nothing

I secretly love my phone's camera.  I say secretly because I could never admit to Heather, my wife, that I like anything about this phone.  I have always staunchly been on the other side of the Android vs. Apple debate and have teased her for years for not agreeing with me.  However, in my last... Continue Reading →

Today started yesterday

I recently heard someone lamenting that they were experiencing the end of a season in their life and they did not know how they were going to function after it came to a complete close.  The season to which they referred?  Football Season. Although they were saying it for the sake of humor, I am... Continue Reading →

The Power of a Plan

"Do your homework before you go play" "But Mom, I don't have any homework" How many times have you heard or participated in a conversation much like that one? Being familiar with such dialogue, you probably already know that the truth of the matter is the student actually had an assignment, but they either forgot... Continue Reading →

Three “Ok” lies ministers tell

Preachers are liars.  There, I said it.  Every preacher I have ever met was a liar.  Furthermore, if you are a minister reading this, you are probably a liar too.  And here is the thing, we all lie about the same things.  Pastors and ministry leaders are notorious for telling these three “Ok” lies. 1. ... Continue Reading →

Now, it concerns us.

Growing up in an area that was steeped in Civil War history, I suppose my love for tales of that era is not all that unique.  I know I am not alone in saying I thoroughly enjoy reading not only the history and first-hand accounts, but also historical fiction that is based in that time... Continue Reading →

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