Rainy Roads (Consecration 2020)

They say one of the most dangerous times to drive is just after rain has begun. The reason for this is that our roads are covered with a residue left behind by the vehicles have traveled over them. Tire residue, oil, and other lubricants are left behind by the hundreds and thousands of vehicles that... Continue Reading →

Seconds Count (Consecrate2020)

Not much is said about second things. We applaud first things.  We prepare for first.  We think about first. We want to make the best first impression.  We can't sleep before our first day on the job.  Couples reminisce about first dates.  We take pictures with our first car.  We go overboard for first birthdays. ... Continue Reading →

Tis the Season, Tax Season?

Luke tells us that he intends to offer an orderly account of the story of Jesus, and after Mark's breathless recounting, full of stories within stories, the reader is most grateful for the physician's promise of structure. As we begin to take in his writing, our gratitude quickly becomes puzzlement. Just how far is Luke... Continue Reading →

A House (of Representatives?) Divided

It came as no surprise.  Donald Trump has been impeached.  It took neither prophet nor political science major to know that this was going to happen.  Days into his presidency, politicians were calling for Trump to be removed.  When the latest round of congressional elections saw Democrats win the majority the House of Representative seats,... Continue Reading →


Pierre Gustave Toutant-Beauregard, the Creole Confederate general, is probably best known for having ordered the first shots of the Civil War when he directed a bombardment against Fort Sumter.  However, one of his greatest moments of leadership may have come in 1862 on the second day of the Battle of Shiloh in southwestern Tennessee. The... Continue Reading →

Must-read articles of the Week

Below are a few articles that I found of interest this week.  If you missed them, these are worth checking out... How an Eternity Full of Tomorrows Can Help Us Get Through Today -J. Warner Wallace Marianne Williamson’s Warning About ‘This Dark Psychic Force’ Is Very Right and Very Wrong -Dr. Michael Brown Is America... Continue Reading →

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