The Slate of our Soul

Numbers. Numbers were everywhere in 2020. Whether it was COVID-19 cases, deaths, racially sorted arrest statistics, electoral tallies, or jobs gained and lost, we were surrounded by numbers last year. Perhaps we always are. And, that may not be a bad thing. Without numbers, tallies, and scores we would never make sense of the world... Continue Reading →

Silencing Dangerous Prayer

What would it take to make you stop praying for your enemies? Christian martyrs were known for giving praise to God or praying for their executioners. This action would often create confusion among the crowd, and the executioners themselves, regarding whether the Christian should have been put to death. Hans Bret was scheduled for execution... Continue Reading →

Christians and the COVID-19 Vaccine

After the most accelerated research process in history, it appears a vaccine has been created for the novel coronavirus that plagued 2020. Following billions of dollars in spending and governments around the globe slashing red tape to expedite the process, it seems the scientific effort has paid off. Although, this article will not go down... Continue Reading →

Stay in your lane

I originally posted this in a forum for leaders, but I feel it applies to all believers in some ways. When Copernicus first asserted that the world moved, he was derided by the secular and condemned by the sacred. Luther is reported to have called him a fool (whether he actually went quite that far... Continue Reading →

Known by your HATE?

Anger. It is everywhere. Cities have been rocked by angry mobs of people making their way through the streets. Some have even destroyed and defaced property as they expressed their outrage. Social media feeds are full of conflicting view, each comment section brimming with vitriolic disagreement and personal insults. We are hard-pressed to find the... Continue Reading →

Reading Suggestions 11/13/20

There is so much information available that it is often hard to know where to look for good content. Here are a few things I have read over the last week that I believe you will find beneficial. Click on the article description to read content from great sources. This article from explains how... Continue Reading →

Check the Dead

Today marks the birth, and presumed death of Harry Ironside.  At the time of his birth, Ironside was laid aside as dead.  His mother, having struggled during the birth was thought to be dying and drew the attention of all in the room as they sought to save her from the death her baby had... Continue Reading →

The birthday of a god?

2,082 years ago, on September 23, Gaius Octavius was born. You probably know of him as Caesar Augustus, the Emperor of Rome when Christ was born. After his death at the age of 74, he became the first Roman Emperor to be declared a god. He was a "big deal" to the Roman empire and... Continue Reading →

It Starts with a Stare

The intensity of his stare. Every time I think of this moment, that is what comes to mind. His skill with the scissors was apparent. He deftly made minute cut after minute cut, carefully rotating the paper in his hands. When he was finished, the street artist handed us a perfect silhouette of my little... Continue Reading →

Conscience, your Doorkeeper

In 1 Peter 3, the apostle tells the church to "Have a good conscience so that evildoers who speak evil of you and falsely accuse your good conduct in Christ may be ashamed." He we was warning them that, even when doing good, slander and attack would be a part of their lives. I must... Continue Reading →

Are you angry at the wrong people?

National figures are making big money selling you a story that causes anger at the wrong people.That cop you just got done screaming at coaches a team in your kid's league. That person holding a protest sign in your park teaches at the local middle school. That police department you marched in front of hasn't... Continue Reading →

Reliable Hope

In our current times, hope is at a premium.  It is rare and it is valuable.  Thankfully for the believer, we are a people of hope. However, there are many who disparage the hope of the Christian.  These naysayers would look at the believer as if we have been taken in by some flight of... Continue Reading →

Getting Even Christ’s Way

In a recent article, I wrote about the need to glorify God in all we do, including when we have been wronged. When seeking to glorify God, we have an example in Jesus. So, we must look at how he handled being wronged. Peter gives us a great breakdown of Jesus actions. His actions must... Continue Reading →

Getting Revenge Like A Christian

So you've been wronged. Friends, we are living in a world that is full of wrongs, injustices, and unfair actions. People are mistreated every single day. You may have been mistreated this week. Perhaps you were singled out by a boss. Maybe your spouse has grown spiteful or doesn't support you walk with the Lord.... Continue Reading →

Highlands Fallout (3 Lessons for Leaders)

By now, most church leaders, and much of America, have heard about the controversy that has been swirling around Chris Hodges, pastor of Church of the Highlands.  Hodges has faced backlash over his social media activity involving "likes" of posts. The right and wrong of Pastor Hodges' views, the views of the pages he interacts... Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Be Mindful of God in Suffering

We live in a world that is full of injustice.  Recent events, like the death of George Floyd have brought the world's attention to the issue of race in America.  Meanwhile lives have been unjustly lost in the riotous looting that broke out in many cities.  Injustice paid for by more injustice. Unfairness is everywhere. ... Continue Reading →

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