The Midnight Zone

Off the coast of the Mariana islands lays a wonder that, though it can be described, is almost impossible for us to really fathom.  At the bottom of the ocean, there is an undersea canyon, called the Mariana Trench.  This gash in the ocean floor is five times the length of the Grand Canyon.  If... Continue Reading →

Controlling the Negatives

We live in a world of constant, and often instant, feedback.  To deal with this, it is helpful to understand how you were designed to react to negatives. Whether you realize it or not, you are pre-wired with what is known as "negativity bias."  This bias exists in nearly every area that has been researched... Continue Reading →

Good? Friday

Good Friday. Friday yes, but good? Friendship betrayed. Disciples scattered. Innocence violated. Justice abandoned. The King Criminalized. The Begotten forsaken. The Lamb Slaughtered. A mother weeps. A soldier repents. A city moves on. A movement ends. It's a confusing, bloody, sad, heart-wrenching day. How can we view this scene and call it good? Yet, it... Continue Reading →

Not yet… Consecrate2020

I am not a fan of driving in construction zones. Most of us probably are not. For me, the biggest issue is the barriers and cones that are set up on either side of the lane. Occasionally, I will find myself driving through an area where these barriers are on both sides of the road.... Continue Reading →

Small adjustments, Big moves

I live near a train yard.  The sound of trains coupling is a regular part of the ambience here.  At first, I thought I would never get used to the proximity and noise of the behemoths, but over time I have actually grown fond of them. I never know what will be sitting on the... Continue Reading →

Missed Details of Design (Consecrate2020)

It is no secret that we live in a very technologically advanced world.  Technology is everywhere. Perhaps you ordered your breakfast on a touch screen. Maybe you are sitting in a plane but the tickets only exist is some digital cloud.  Your coffee was probably not prepared over a fire this morning, andit is safe... Continue Reading →

Just a Tuesday (Consecrate 2020)

Tuesday. Sunday is sacred.  Monday, whether dreaded or loved, launches the work week. Saturday is fun, family, hobbies, and community activities.  Friday, well Friday is just a shade less wondrous than Saturday.  Thursday has the honor of being the day before Friday. Even mundane, middle of the week Wednesday is so very boring that it... Continue Reading →

One Purpose (Consecrate2020)

Perhaps you have heard this story of a lighthouse.  I know I am not the first to tell it.  In fact I will share it here exactly as I found it... -A lighthouse along a bleak coast was tended by a keeper who was given enough oil for one month and told to keep the... Continue Reading →

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