Scorning the Sundial?

Sundial at Middleton Place, Summerville, SC

The sundial does not create the time.  It bears no responsibility in placing the sun upon it’s path, or even in failing to function when the sun is hidden.  It doesn’t arbitrarily choose where to place a shadow. It simply communicates things as they are. 

In life, be careful that you don’t confuse truth as petty opposition or mistake wise instruction as a personal affront.  Don’t write off those that withold praising applause over your actions as being envious; perhaps they are prayerfully concerned because they can see what you cannot. Not everyone who disagrees is a hater; they may just be pointing exactly where the light of truth requires.

The question of scripture yet remains “Am I become your enemy because I tell you the truth?”

Before you Scorn the Sundials in your life, make sure your watch is keeping good time.

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