The birthday of a god?

2,082 years ago, on September 23, Gaius Octavius was born. You probably know of him as Caesar Augustus, the Emperor of Rome when Christ was born. After his death at the age of 74, he became the first Roman Emperor to be declared a god. He was a “big deal” to the Roman empire and the entire world at that time.

Yet, a god he was not. He lived, died, and will be judged like every other man. But, during his reign, Christ was born. Comparatively, the baby born in a manger to a poor family seemed much less important than the august ruler of the “world.”

One died and will be judged. The other resurrected and is the judge. There is only one Kingdom that will never end. If you are a believer, you are part of that Kingdom.

Whatever the big deal is in your life today, whatever the size of your issue, problem, of fear, remember there is still only one God, and you are his.

Even the “big deals” of this life come to an end.

Keep your eyes on the eternal.

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