Unity? I can’t.

President-elect Joe Biden has called for unity in several of his appearances over the last week. After recent events have ranged from racial tension to political turmoil, it is certainly a fitting call. The call for peace is one that resonates with the heart of believers. However, what does that really mean to Christians? Can unity be accomplished?

In the words of Dr. Fred Garmon, founder of LeaderLabs, “it depends.” Unity is a great thing to call for, but the reality of it occurring depends upon the meaning.

Maybe, Mr. Biden is calling for peace, for cordiality, and working together toward national goals. If that is the case, then “unity” is not only possible, it is necessary and good. People from many beliefs and backgrounds can get along and deal with one another in mutual respect. Our interactions, both online and face-to-face, do not have to be tainted by the fact that we have differing worldviews.

As citizens of a nation, it is quite reasonable to believe that we all strive together toward goals that benefit the Republic as a whole. Together, we can respond to disasters and emergencies. From the Coronavirus to hurricanes, there is no reason that Republicans, Democrats, Christians, Atheists, Hindus, and Muslims cannot all work in harmony for the good our community and nation.

However, what if that is not what Mr. Biden means? What if he means that we should all unite under the ideology of his political platform? What if he means we should come in line and support his vision for America?

If that’s the case, I’m sorry, I can’t.

I cannot acquiesce to a vision of America that bans Christian counseling for people who struggle with same-sex attraction. I cannot come to unity with a platform that seeks to normalize gender dysphoria. I cannot come to unity with the idea of creating a perpetual slave class through social programs that destroy families while creating dependency. I cannot come in line with the idea that a woman has the right to murder her innocent child. I cannot align with abandoning the nation of Israel and helping arm her enemies. I cannot unite with an ideology that says Christians must be forced to use their skills in celebration of homosexual unions.

So, yes Mr. Biden, I can pray for you. In some things, I can even work with you.

But if unity means submitting to the above, I’m sorry, I can’t.

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