Are you angry at the wrong people?

National figures are making big money selling you a story that causes anger at the wrong people.That cop you just got done screaming at coaches a team in your kid’s league. That person holding a protest sign in your park teaches at the local middle school. That police department you marched in front of hasn’t had a substantiated brutality case in decades. That guy at the mic calling for an end to racism has run a local garage for years and treats every customer like he would his own mom. Can we stop being suspicious of and hating the people, police, and politicians in our towns?
The vast majority of the people around us are nothing like the hateful images that fill our screens.
Don’t blame the deputy eating breakfast across the restaurant from you for what some guy in Minneapolis did. Instead of a dirty look, buy his meal.
Don’t assume your town council is wicked because you just read about the dirty deeds of a national politician. Instead of contempt, pray for them.
Stop letting national politics, media, and pundits divide our small towns, cities, and counties.
Our communities have their own issues that will be worked out on the local level not in the halls of Congress or on the CNN panel.
We don’t have to internalize things that happen thousands of miles from us.
Unplug, log off, meet your neighbors, your public servants, your community. You just may find out things are better than your screen has been telling you.

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