Missed Details of Design (Consecrate2020)

It is no secret that we live in a very technologically advanced world.  Technology is everywhere. Perhaps you ordered your breakfast on a touch screen. Maybe you are sitting in a plane but the tickets only exist is some digital cloud.  Your coffee was probably not prepared over a fire this morning, andit is safe... Continue Reading →

Just a Tuesday (Consecrate 2020)

Tuesday. Sunday is sacred.  Monday, whether dreaded or loved, launches the work week. Saturday is fun, family, hobbies, and community activities.  Friday, well Friday is just a shade less wondrous than Saturday.  Thursday has the honor of being the day before Friday. Even mundane, middle of the week Wednesday is so very boring that it... Continue Reading →

Rainy Roads (Consecration 2020)

They say one of the most dangerous times to drive is just after rain has begun. The reason for this is that our roads are covered with a residue left behind by the vehicles have traveled over them. Tire residue, oil, and other lubricants are left behind by the hundreds and thousands of vehicles that... Continue Reading →

Seconds Count (Consecrate2020)

Not much is said about second things. We applaud first things.  We prepare for first.  We think about first. We want to make the best first impression.  We can't sleep before our first day on the job.  Couples reminisce about first dates.  We take pictures with our first car.  We go overboard for first birthdays. ... Continue Reading →

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