Rainy Roads (Consecration 2020)

They say one of the most dangerous times to drive is just after rain has begun.

The reason for this is that our roads are covered with a residue left behind by the vehicles have traveled over them. Tire residue, oil, and other lubricants are left behind by the hundreds and thousands of vehicles that have passed. When the rain begins, these chemicals mix with the rain water to create a dangerously slick surface.

After the rain has continued for a time, these chemicals are washed away, and the road, although still not providing the traction of dry pavement, is less slippery than those dangerous minutes just after the precipitation began.

It is safe to say that none of us would want to rid our planet of rain in order to stop this phenomenon. Rain is vital to our existence. Rain is at the foundation of sustenance and survival for every species on the planet. So, even if we possessed the ability to stop it, we must not get rid of rain. No, we just have to be aware of the danger the rain brings.

As we step into a New Year, we can learn from the rain. Remember, rain is a good thing. What if rain was success? What if we looked at life like a road and rain like blessings, prosperity, or progress?

I think the metaphor would hold up well. You see, success does something very similar to rain; it brings the residue of the past to the surface.

If you have a problem with anger, but experience some times of blessing, be careful; your anger may just think it is justified by your new position. A person who felt themselves a failure my have hidden pride, but succeeding brings that pride to all new prominence.

One who has been hurt by others may find themselves exalted to a place of power. Once there, if they are not careful the residue of their hurts will cause them to recklessly hurt others.

How many relationships have been wrecked on the slippery surface of residue from a past love gone wrong?

New days, new jobs, new victories, and new relationships are all threatened by the residue of yesterday. This year as blessings come, as new love comes, as success is found, and progress is made, be careful to slow down and not be wrecked by the haunts of the past.

We need the rain, we had better learn how to drive in it.

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