Just a Tuesday (Consecrate 2020)


Sunday is sacred.  Monday, whether dreaded or loved, launches the work week. Saturday is fun, family, hobbies, and community activities.  Friday, well Friday is just a shade less wondrous than Saturday.  Thursday has the honor of being the day before Friday.

Even mundane, middle of the week Wednesday is so very boring that it has earned its own nick name.

But, Tuesday is just Tuesday.

Yet here you are with a Tuesday.  It still has 24 hours.  Each hour still is made up of 60 minutes and each minute still ticks off at the standard rate of 60 seconds.

So, what will you do with Tuesday?  What does one do with a day that is just… a day.

I will point us to one of my all time favorite reminders.

that we, who were the first to hope in Christ, should live for the praise of His glory.”  -Ephesians 1:12

That’s it.  There is a glorious plan for a Tuesday.  Live to bring praise to God.  Live for His glory.  Live to please and honor Him.

Share the love of Christ on a Tuesday.  Tell someone your story on a Tuesday.  Pray for someone on a Tuesday.  Do a kind deed on a Tuesday.  End a bad habit, or begin a good habit on a Tuesday.

In fact, pick one of those things you have been hoping, dreaming, intending to start and do it on a Tuesday.

Not just any Tuesday


Make this day His DAY and watch the ordinary become extraordinary.




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