Kava-No? What shocks me about Trump’s pick and the Christian reaction

Judge_Brett_KavanaughFollowing last night’s announcement of Brett Kavanaugh as Donald Trump’s nominee to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by the retiring Anthony Kennedy, I was interested in seeing the reactions of others.  When I turned to social media to discover the sentiment of my fellow Americans, most of the reactions were not surprising, but there was one group that absolutely shocked me.

I was not surprised when I saw that the left was imploding.  They had already made up their minds that they were going to oppose whoever the nominee was.  In fact, one group even released an e-mail voicing their displeasure over the pick, but their disdain was quickly shown to be pre-written by their failure to place Brett Kavanaugh’s name in the e-mail before sending it.  Instead, their attack spoke of their displeasure regarding Trump’s choice of candidate “XX.”  I was not at all shocked by the line of speakers taking the mic to espouse how they were fighting for the lives of women, just not the unborn ones.

I was not surprised by the reactions of many Christian and pro-life leaders and organizations.  They plainly see that, pending his confirmation, Kavanaugh will be a much more conservative Justice than Kennedy ever was.  They understand that now, the swing vote will be Chief Justice John Roberts, who for the most part is a conservative himself.  They understand that having a Catholic, conservative, family man, Constitutionalist jurist is a great step forward in the fight to end the senseless murder of babies in the womb.

The one group that surprised me was the Christians who were attacking the pick.  I found believer after believer who, while the rest of us rejoiced, were bitterly attacking the choice.  Of those attacking the nominee, very few actually offered a better candidate.  To those that did have someone else in mind, I can join you in saying there were some on the short list that were much more exciting to myself, and most pro-life people, than Kavanaugh.   

However, I quickly discovered that many were simply attacking the choice because Trump made it.  It was as if they were so invested in their position of being anti-Trump that they could not even bring themselves to enjoy the consensus idea that, for the first time since its inception, Roe v. Wade is in serious jeopardy.

Now, there are many that will claim that Kavanaugh is not pro-life at all.  In fact, they will point out that Kavanaugh once said that he would operate under the precedent that was set by Roe v. Wade.  However, they do not mention the fact that this statement was made during his confirmation hearing for a lower court.  In that court, he would have no real choice but to operate under the precedent set by the decision of the Supreme Court.  However, now he will have an opportunity to change it.  By failing to mention the setting AND SCOPE of his previous statement, these people are either ignorant of the way the judiciary functions, or they are willfully being deceitful for the sake of attacking a Trump decision.  Either way, to attack Kavanaugh as not pro-life would be a falsehood.  Particularly considering some of the opinions he has written, including his dissent in a case regarding abortions being provided to undocumented immigrants.  Of course, I have discovered any evidence that isn’t anti-Trump is generally ignored by this crowd.

Regarding Kavanaugh being pro-life, it really can not be more obvious. 

There is a reason that I have received e-mails and read articles of praise over the choice from so many pro-life, pro-religious liberty groups and leaders including Jay Sekulow, The NC Values Coalition, and Franklin Graham, just to name a few.

There is a reason the left is raging.  There is a reason Planned Parenthood and various pro-abortion groups were screaming in the streets last night, and it’s not because Brett Kavanaugh is a closet abortion supporter.

Roe v. Wade is in the greatest danger it has ever been.  We are on the verge of seeing abortion ended in our nation.  This is the realization that brought me to tears of joy last night.  Millions of lives are on the precipice of being spared a violent end.

Yes, it will require a case to come up from the states.  Pray that some state will have leaders bold enough to pass a law banning abortion, so we can see this process begin.  I do know today is the first day I have ever opened the mail to find a petition asking my senators and state representatives to ban abortion.  I do know I am thrilled at the idea of the womb once again being safe for the unborn.

We are praying that abortion ends in this nation.  We are praying it ends soon.  Protecting life matters more than political opinions and it certainly matters more than clinging to a position for the sake of “being right” about a politician.

And for those Christians who are so blinded by their anti-Trump position that they cannot rejoice over the possible end of the murder of babies in the womb, we are praying for you, too.  


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