I’ll Get you for this…


I suppose that being the father of two young girls means that I am in for my share of princess movies.  Yet, in an effort to stand up for my masculinity, I have managed to work a compromise with my little ones.  Yes, we will do the occasional princess movie, but we are also going to do some of the other classics, like The Sword in the Stone, Tarzan, Jungle Book, Dumbo, and one of my favorites The Fox and the Hound.

Recently, we were watching that movie and it got to the part where lifelong friends Todd (the Fox) and Copper (the Hound) found themselves on opposite ends of a hunt.  Todd ran along an elevated train track followed by Coppers hound mentor, Chief.  In the course of the chase Chief falls from the track to his apparent death.  As the realization sets in that the hound who taught him how to hunt has been killed by his childhood friend, Copper declares… “Todd, I’ll get you for this”

Instantly, Copper’s life became about revenge.

Romans 12:19 Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

Paul tells us to never seek revenge, but to leave it to God.

Are their people you want to “get even” with?

Remember this.  Revenge, at its core, is all about justice.  You feel wronged or you recognize something as unfair.  Thus, you have a desire to make things fair by seeking revenge.

However, God has told us that revenge belongs to Him.  Notice that Paul says to “give place unto wrath.”  This tells us that in order for God to work His justice, we must step back, stop trying to seek revenge for ourselves, and make room for God to work.  You see, if it is you that “gets revenge” it can never be seen as anything more than a petty tit for tat.  There is no glory for God to be found in that.

But, if you will step back and allow God to work, one of two things will happen.  Either, the person will receive just reward for their actions, and God’s justice will be seen, or they may repent, and then God’s grace and mercy can be seen.  Either way, the only way God will be glorified in the situation is for you to step aside and make room for God to work.

God also told us that He is trustworthy and that all things are working for our good.  When we seek revenge, we are actually saying that we either don’t believe that God is fair or that we don’t think He has the power to do anything about our situation.

A desire for revenge is us saying, “God I don’t trust you.”

You are willing to trust God about your salvation, your health, your protection, and provision.   Why won’t you trust Him with the times and ways you have been done wrong?

Today, make a decision to let something go. Give up a grudge.  Stop trying to get even. Choose to trust God.

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