Taking Care of Base (Consecrate 18 #17)


Proverbs 14:1 Every wise woman buildeth her house: But the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

Soccer is reported to be the most popular sport in the world.  Its popularity has been attributed to the fact that it is inexpensive.  It can be played even in the poorest of villages, because all you need is a ball and a spot to kick it toward.

Of course, we can all remember one game that was even cheaper and more popular than that.  This game requires no particular size field.  It can be played indoors or out.  It requires no equipment, not even a ball.  Hours of fun with no money invested.  You must remember this game.  I have yet to meet anyone who has not played it.

I am talking about that famous game called “tag”.

You have no doubt played some variation of tag in your life.  In fact, you get a group of kids together, and a game of tag will break out.  In just a few minutes breathless laughter can fill any place when tag is played.

One thing stands out to me from all those childhood games of tag.  Base.  Do you remember “base” and how important it was.  Base was the one place you were safe.  All the tagging and getting tagged, freezing and unfreezing, chasing and being chased, it all ended when you enter that sacred place called base.  On base, you were not concerned about being eliminated.  On base, you could catch your breath.  On base, you could make plans.  Base mattered.  Base was the center of a winning strategy.

Have you ever noticed that life is like a game of tag.  A lot of running here and there, frantically looking over your shoulder for something coming for you, and desperately trying to catch up with things that are moving faster than you can maneuver.  Thank God, life has a base.  We call it home.

Isaiah 32:18 And my people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation, And in sure dwellings, And in quiet resting places;

Home matters.  Home is where you should not have to worry about being “tagged”.  Home is where you can make plans.  Home is the center of a winning strategy.

I recently heard a preacher say, “You can’t get your life in order until you get your house in order.”

How true that is.  Your home is the foundation of your life.

Yet we spend more time and effort worrying about how things are on the job, in our social endeavors, or the community than we do on home.

As you seek God’s calling for your life in 2018.  Be sure you do not leave out home.

Ask yourself this question, “What is one change I can make -today- that will make my home life more centered on bringing God glory?”

Take care of base.  That’s the only chance you have to win.


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