Hunger (Consecrate18 Devotion #12)


Hunger.  By day two of fast week I am sure that you have encountered hunger by now.  Maybe you have laid aside some activities or things for the week, and no doubt you have already experienced a hunger(desire) for them.  If it has not happened yet, do not worry, it will.  When go without a want or need, desire will show up, hunger will make an appearance.

We all have things for which we hunger.  Today, it might be potato chips or that favorite show, but you hunger for more than food.  Some hunger for acceptance, some for approval.  Some hunger for love, some hunger for success.  It is hunger that drives us, hunger that motivates, and often hunger that leads astray.

Just as it is possible to satisfy your physical hunger with foods that are not healthy- and often the are not filling either- it is also possible to attempt to satisfy your spiritual and emotional hunger with things that are not healthy for your soul.

For some, a desire to be loved will lead them to accept an abusive relationship.  For others, a need to appear successful will lead to being buried in debt.  For others, a need for security will lead them to never trust.  For still more, a need for peace will lead to substance abuse, both legal and illegal.  Again and again we make the mistake of seeking the wrong things to satisfy our hunger.

Here’s the thing, nothing will satisfy you without Jesus.  Maybe you do not realize it, but all that hunger can be satisfied in Him.

So today, my advice for your hunger is to direct your desires toward God, and watch how full you will become.

Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

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