The Focus Factor (Consecration18 Devotion #11)

Today begins the fasting week of Consecrate18. I am incredibly excited about what God is going to do in this week. This devotion will certainly be for those who are starting a fast today, but this truth can be applied to anything.

Focus is the factor that changes everything. When Peter is focused in Jesus he can walk on water. Yet, the moment his focus changes to the waves he begins to sink.

When beginning a task, your focus is often in the goal. Somehow through the process we stop focusing on the goal, and start measuring the difficulty. We then begin to determine whether or not the present difficulty is worth the payoff of completing the goal. Or, we may get so hung up on the difficulty that we completely mess up and, like Peter, begin to fail miserably.

The answer is focus. In our fast, our focus must be on drawing closer to God. If you focus on the meal of the moment, or the fact that you need a protein bar this morning, or an energy drink for your workout, you will find yourself abandoning the goals you have for the week.

Rather than wait for those moments and then try to overcome the temptation to end your commitment, proactively maintain a focus in God. Do this through constant prayer and filling meal times with time with God in prayer and Bible reading. Make today a day focused on God. Write down your goals of the fast. Pray over them. Focus on God and what he is doing in you.

Focus is the factor.

But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me. -Matthew 14:30

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