Small adjustments, Big moves

I live near a train yard.  The sound of trains coupling is a regular part of the ambience here.  At first, I thought I would never get used to the proximity and noise of the behemoths, but over time I have actually grown fond of them.

I never know what will be sitting on the tracks from one day to the next.  Sometimes it is military equipment.  This week there were some huge turbines that I jokingly referred to as Goliath’s fishing reels.  Most of the time there are just a variety of freight cars, the contents of which I can only guess.

I have been extremely impressed by the size of the trains, particularly the locomotives.  They are so large that when they are being worked around, the men beside them look comically tiny comparison.

One thing that amazes me is that, despite their size and power, the trains really have no choice over their direction.  They may go forward or back, but they have no ability to determine whether they will go left or right.  This is not decided by the steering of the train, but by the direction of the switches along the track.

One move of the switch can make the difference of hundreds of miles when the train reaches its destination.  Just a few inches of movement in that junction of the tracks and the entire destiny of this beast weighing hundreds of tons is completely changed.  The switch is where the real power is.

That is a lot like life.  The outcome of our goals, projects, and even eternity is not decided by major turning, but by little decisions along the way.

Peace or war in your home can be decided by how you respond in one moment.  Your relationship with a coworker can radically be improved by a simple gesture of kindness such as a cup of coffee and a doughnut that you bring to them.  Your level of Spirituality for the day can be dramatically altered by your choice of music on the way to work or television in the evening.  Switching a few little things from serving your flesh and instead  glorifying God will have exponential results.

It’s not the major moments that make the biggest difference; it is the little switches throughout the day.

Today, let me challenge you to throw the switch in the right direction.



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