5 Pro-Life Activities You Should be doing that are not Voting

I recently released an article the purpose of which was to challenge Christians to actually be pro-life.  (You can find that article HERE.) One of the accusations that is often leveled against believers, particularly evangelicals in America, is that they claim to be pro-life when in fact they are only pro-birth, and quickly lose interest in lives once children are born.

Unfortunately, this is far too often the case.  It is true that there are many in the Church who are actually engaging the issues of life beyond the abortion clinic, but for some, at least in action, birth is the end of their pro-life concern.

There are also those who are staunchly “pro-life” in regards to elections, but never

person dropping paper on box
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engage beyond the voting booth.  Friends, it is absurd to think that we can fulfil our Christian call to be pro-life by simply casting our vote for a candidate or party that claims to be anti-abortion.  You must do more than cast a vote, share a Facebook post, or apply a bumper-sticker.  As a believer you have a responsibility to engage life.

Perhaps this list of Pro-Life activities can help you know where to begin…

1. Volunteer

Volunteering our service to others has long been a part of Christianity.  Jesus taught that when we do for those in need, it is as if we are doing directly for Him.  Yet, many do not recognize the value, nor the pro-life nature of volunteering.  The obvious place would be a crisis pregnancy center.  They are always looking for counselors, mentors,  and assistance with various events.  You could also volunteer at a homeless shelter, a soup kitchen, or a nursing home.  All of them involve “lives.”  No, the homeless man may not look like it now, but he too was once someone’s bundle of joy.  If you are against him being aborted in the womb, you should be against him freezing to death on the corner as well.

2.  Foster (or help someone who is)

Choosing to foster a child is a big responsibility.  Yet, despite its challenges, it is one of the most rewarding things you can do.  But, it is not for everyone.  Perhaps, the age or health of your children will not allow you to take in another, you do not have room in your home (which is required to be state certified), or your lifestyle will not allow for you to take on a child.  There are still those in your community who are doing so.  Ask your pastor if anyone in your congregation is fostering.  Then, find out what you can do to help.  If there is no one in your church, contact your local foster care administration and find out what foster care support groups are in your area.  They will be able to point you toward a need.

3.  Donate children’s books

If life matters, then so does quality of life.  There are few things that will do more to limit the upward trajectory of a child like the inability to read.  Reading is a central part of our society.  Unfortunately many children come from homes where there is no priority placed on reading.  They may have parents who have literacy issues themselves.  Your donating books to a local school or literacy program may be the difference in a child learning how to read, which will in turn have an astronomical effect on the life they will lead.  Also, never forget that God chose to reveal His truth to us in a book.  When you help a child learn how to read, you are helping develop tools that will help enable them to better know God.

4. Be a mentor

The decision to have a baby should never be made after conception.  However, due to unwise choices, this is often the case.  The most effective way to avoid unwanted pregnancy is obviously to abstain from sex.  However, as simple as that sounds, many of our young people are not being properly taught regarding sexual morality.  In addition, many of our young men and women have no concept of what it is to be a mother or a father.  So, when pregnancy occurs, they panic and run from the responsibility.  For the most part, these issues can be addressed by Godly people taking the time to pour into the lives of young people.  As the scriptures admonish us, the older teaching the younger will work.  Your engaging in the life of a young man or woman may be the difference in their choices.

5.  Pray

No I do not mean say you will pray.  I mean actually engage in the activity.  Spend real time in prayer about the issue of abortion.  This is truly a spiritual battle.  It will only be won through spiritual efforts.  While you are praying, be sure to pray for those that made it out of the womb, but are dealing with the brokenness of sin.  Life matters.  Being born is great, but being born again is even better.



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