Trust your Equipment (Consecration18 #7)


Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; And lean not unto thine own understanding.

Over the years, I have been blessed to preach several youth camps.  A centerpiece of youth camp activity is often the climbing wall.  Towering dozens of feet off the ground, with synthetic rocks jutting at intervals that vary depending on the difficulty desired, time at the wall was always fun for the campers but was a challenge not to be taken lightly.  It took strength, courage, and determination to climb the wall, and amazingly the campers were full of all three.  Yet, when they had completed their climbs, I observed that there was another trait that was required.  In order to descend the wall, they had to plant their feet against the vertical surface, sit back in their harness, and work with the person holding their rope on the ground to be lowered safely.

Time and again, I watched campers grow scared of descending, all though they had been fine while climbing.  Time and again, I heard the one’s operating the wall instruct them, “Sit back in your harness, we’ve got you”

“Trust your equipment” was the instruction of descent.

Strength, courage, and determination got them far along in their journey, but it would take trust in their equipment and the operator to complete the climb.

This is one camp lesson that works for all of us.

Talent and tenacity can get you so far, but when they run out, trust in God and His word is what you need.

For that thing you are struggling to overcome, that situation you are perplexed with solving, that trouble that has come your way… Trust Your Equipment.

Trust the Power of Prayer

Trust the Love of God

Trust the help of the Holy Spirit.

Grit and Grip can get you started, but Grace is what will complete the journey.

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