Routine (Consecrate18 Devotion#5)



What a word.  The very mention of routine elicits a response that often speaks of the mundane, the boring, the average, and uninteresting.  Yet, when we dial 9-1-1 we expect the dispatcher to have everything down to a calm measured “routine”.  We expect the fire department’s equipment to be well maintained and in working order.  Of course, we should remember that it is by the routine, mundane, boring, average, uninteresting use of “routine” checklists that this efficiency and effectiveness is maintained.

There is value in having a plan, and working your plan.

As you have tried to take control of your time for the glory of God, have you found that you have opened up new space in your schedule?  Probably.  So what should you do to maximize your time investment?  If you do not make this a conscious effort, you will slip into time waste again.

Routine.  Make a schedule.  Create a list.  Do something that will require you to actually think about how you are going to spend your time before it arrives.  Write in time for God, family, rest, work, and goals.

I would suggest taking time each evening to make a schedule for your next day.

Tomorrow is not just a word for procrastinators.  The wise man took control of today by making his plans while it was still tomorrow.


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  1. Have been blessed by this so far. It has really helped and brought a lot of things to my attention . Thks keep up Gods work


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