Yes, Mr. Doorbell. I get it.

When the doorbell steps up to teach you a God lesson, you know you need to receive it.

This evening, when I returned home from meeting with the intercessory prayer team, I grabbed my bag out of the car and headed in the house. However, my progress was impeded by a door lock which can not be opened from outside. So, I rang the doorbell. And waited.

This is when the learning began, as I waited, I began to debate, should I ring it again? Is the baby asleep? Did anyone hear the first time? Perhaps, I should just go to the other door. What should I do? How long should I wait? What if my wife did hear but had her hands full, and as I round the corner to go to the other door, she will open this one, having rushed to get to it.

By now, you are no doubt seeing the absurdity of my situation. The answer was obvious. If I wanted to enter that door, I was going to need to either ring the doorbell again, or perhaps knock. However, just standing on the porch waiting for the door to open was not an option.

The spiritual lesson? Oh yes, I nearly forgot. Why is it that we are willing to just stand at the door of vision, of progress, of future, of ministry, of whatever door we are desiring and called to enter. Too many are trapped on the threshold of greatness.

Your vision won’t go any further than you will! How absurd it would have been for NASA to have determined they were going to the Moon, but then never built a rocket, a spaceship, or a landing craft? How absurd is it to stand at a door and expect it to open?

So absurd in fact that Jesus himself instructed us to Ask, Seek, and Knock.

Whatever door you are standing at, don’t just stand… Do something! By all means pray for your lost friend, but don’t forget to witness. Pray for church growth, but don’t fail to invite people to worship with you. Dream big, but do something every day to move you closer to that dream, closer to your Vision.

Any day that doesn’t somehow move you toward your goal is a wasted day.

Determine that today you aren’t going to just stand there, today you are going to ring the bell!

-Pastor Conley

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